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Gatekeepers - Intercessory Prayer Ministry



Greater Works Deliverance Center


Our Vision 

As intercessors of Greater Works Deliverance Center we are prophetic intercessors who are called to keep the gates of the city, state and ultimately the nation in prayer. We are watchmen; who are watching the gates.  Every place the soles of our feet tread we shall possess the land.  We are intercessors called to pray prophetically until there is a breakthrough of victory.  The Lord has given us the four corners of the earth to possess.  In this intercessory boot camp, we are the gate keepers who has accepted the challenge to stand watch.

 As a gatekeeper, we have the job of a shepherd.   In biblical times,  at night when everyone was sleeping the shepherd/gatekeeper would lay himself in front of the opening in the fold.  Everything coming or going would have to pass over him.

1Chronicles 9:18, 19, 22-24

Joshua 1:3.5

 Weekly Meetings

Monday's 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Wednesday's 6:30pm - 7:30pm



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