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Testimonies Worth Reading

October 29,2012

Hello Servant of God.

I have no words to express the joy i have in your ministry and servant of God pastor Nyangaresi.My names are Beatrice Wachira from Kenya.Am asking myself where has this ministry been????.....Am more excited to email you.Pastor Nyangaresi has been preaching for the last two days on a Revival near my place.I had been in problems one by another.My one eye has been totally blind,and one limb seemed shorter than the other.I had used all my time in hospital.

This problem took away all my joy until i lost my job.My husband did not want me any more as he was so tired to take care of me.I was left at the hospital and duped there.May people came to encourage me but nothing changed .I cried all night and my cries made my bed wet with tears.I had lost hope in life,.

Pastor Nyangaresi was having a revival in our area and i had seen the posters of the meeting.I saw the name of your ministry written on the posters and flyers.My heart skipped some thought and wanted to attend.Many pastors were there but i wanted to meet this might man of God that all people of our area were talking about.Then he came to the pulpit .He started by saying....''EXPECT YOUR MIRACLES TODAY,THERE IS FIRE AND ANOINTING OF THE LORD HERE.'' This words burnt me deeply and in my heart i thought i will be well.

When this might man of God started preaching ,there was rain that wanted to pour down,but he said no rain will rain here today until am out of your town.Amazingly no rain that came down until he left!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a miracle !!!!!!!!! in my total life i had never met any servant of God command heavens and the heaven listens to him,i only hear the stories on the bible.

Time came when he was praying for the sick, i do not remember,what i know is i found my right eye opened and my short limb stretching out like the other normally.I found my self crying and being held by people both of my hands.I shouted JESUS JESUS JESUS...It was a miracle i have never seen..!!!!!!!

The revival ended yesterday and i gave my life totally to Jesus,and now am being healed.I went to pastor Nyangaresi and he gave me the contact card ,that has his email and your email with your ministry website.I said i will not sleep until i email you to personally thank you for the ministry and the man of God that you released to come and minister in my town

Pastor Nyangaresi told us that he works with you under your ministry and governance.He said again that one time you are coming to visit us.Now i have a hope through your ministry and servant who you work with in Kenya.

Again thanks for the MINISTRY IN KENYA.
Beatrice Wachira

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