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You don't need a pay pal account to donate. On the left there in small print is a link to continue without signing in or up for pay pal. Please feel free to click on that link if you do not want to sign in or sign up.

Scroll down to get a list of donation options

G.W.D.C. online giving is an extension of Greater Works Deliverance Center.

While watching the live web broadcast and hearing our podcast, you will be able to participate in tithes and offerings during services. If you belong to a local congregation, your tithes belong to your local church, but you are welcomed to give an offering and partner with us.
Now if G.W.D.C. is your sole place of worship and where you are being taught the word of God; or you are looking presently for a church home and just want a place to sow your tithes and offering, we would gladly accept what you have to sow into kingdom building.

We have three methods of sowing with purpose:

1. During our mid-week and week-end services

2. Online through our website

3. Mailing a check or money order: If you use the 3rd option make Checks/ Money orders out to
Greater Works Deliverance Center or G.W.D.C.
Mailing address: 290 Grand Blvd, Bedford Ohio 44146

We are pleased to offer many opportunities of sowing for kingdom building for our church members, partners, and donors. Consider taking advantage of one of these easy giving options as you tithe and sow seeds of love to help expand the ministry of G.W.D.C.

Thank you for partnering with Apostle Tina R. Pearl and G.W.D.C. as we helps change lives and build the kingdom and empower believers and non believers to move forward into the destiny God has for them.

Click on the option that best suits where you want to sow:





Pastor Appreciation (Monthly $25 or more)

Pound Sunday(Monthly any seed amount)

Kingdom Building


Youth Ministry


Anniversary Assessments

Anniversary Night Celebration (Sow $1 or more for every year of serving in ministry: example 12 years then you would sow $12 or more dollars)

Guest Speaker

Media Ministry (Use this to pay for cd's/dvd's or give towards media broadcasts)
Cd's 1 part $5 / 2 parts $10 DvD's 1 part $10 / 2 Parts $15

G.W.D.C. appreciates every gift that you sow to help advance the kingdom of God.

  Copyright (c)2008 Greater Works Deliverance Center